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Shaving Block

Name Products: SHAVING BLOCK

      Description:    Shaving is one of the best material for bedding animal. Our shaving block is made of 100% pine shavings.

Raw materials are 100% fresh pine shavings with light colour. Material will be filtered to scrap powders, foreign matters… Then, material will be dried in a modern dry systems, into sterile and most suitable moisture content. Shavings will be put on the conveyor into the block molding machine. Then the material will be compressed at high pressure into shaving block without any additives or chemicals.

After producing process, the final products will be put in big bags for storing or packed as client’s request.


Material:               100% pine shavings

Moisture:              14% max

Powder:                1% max

Size of shaving:   3 – 15mm

Block size:           55 x 36 x 23cm

Packing:              Big bags or as client’s request

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Shaving Block

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