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Rubber Wood Pellet


      Description:    Wood pellets are made from sawdust, shavings … (forestry residues), being ground, then dried through pelleting machine to form solid pellets, 6mm or 8mm diameter, 15-30 mm in length.

Wood pellets, also known as a biomass fuel, made from sawdust. Under the influence of temperature and pressure, raw materials link together into solid pellets which do not include additives. Wood Pellets generate large amounts of heat due to low moisture.


Diameter:                   6mm – 8mm

Length:                      10-40mm

Moisture:                   6-12% max

Ash:                           1,5-3,5% max

Carlorific:                 3.900-4.600 Kcal/kg.

Capacity of supply:   5,000 – 6,000tons/month

The products are certificated for quality by SGS

The benefits of wood pellets: The price is cheaper than other fuels, be green and contribute to environmental protection.

Besides, we also supply pellets from Pine, Acacia,… with the same specification.

Wood pellets-600-450 Wood pellets Wood pellets vien nen trau 1 vien nen go cao su 1 pellet18 pellet18 Pellet Pellet

Rubber Wood Pellet

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